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Okamase Guardian (Guardian4) Lines Needed!
School Days (Guardian4) Lines Needed!
Onna ni Sachi Are (Morning Musume) Lines Needed!

Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai (Berryz Kobou) Lines Needed!

Co.No.Mi.Chi (Buono!) Lines Needed!

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    January 2010


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    January 2010

    Post by o0SweetFunshine0o on Fri Jan 08, 2010 12:56 am

    Updates for the month of January...or whats left of it anyways:

    Okies, we're going at a slow pace at the moment. I probably won't be on as much this month (I'll still be moderating and stuff, but I will reply less) because I have exams coming up SweatDrop Worried

    Not everyone has replied to confirm if they will or will not be coming back. I plan to give them until the end of February to reply. If we have empty positions after February, I will probably either reopen the auditions or simple assign spots to the people already here (this depends on how many open spots there are left)

    All old songs MUST be COMPLETED by the end of January! This is so I can get back full-force after exams and mix like its the end of the world... Angry

    These songs are:

    ONNA NI SACHI ARE (Spring Quintessence / Morning Musume)
    JunJun's lines (matifooly) =

    OMAKASE GUARDIAN (Sunny Splash / Guardian4)
    Aika's lines (CardcaptorsSakura93) = MayReanna
    Yurina's lines = BuLLeTxAnGeL
    Risako's lines (matifooly) = luckygirl404

    SCHOOL DAYS (Sunny Splash / Guardian4)
    Aika's lines (Cardcaptors Sakura93) = lilxcanita

    ATASHI NASHI DE WA IKITE YUKENAI (Autumn Hues / Berryz Kobou)
    Miyabi's lines (jusztyne) = YAMADAxKUSANO Star

    CO.NO.MI.CHI (WindBlown Harvest / Buono)
    Miyabi's lines = BuLLeTxAnGeL
    Momoko's lines = xoXCookiesnMilkXox

    The people who's usernames are in brackes are currently missing or on haitus. If anyone would like to cover any of them, PM me on Youtube Blank
    If you are in this list, and you can't hand in your own lines during this month because of some reason, feel free to PM me on Youtube about that as well!

    If you're handing in lines, please hand them in on the correct thread! Thanks!
    These lines will not be needed until the end of January, so no one needs to rush!

    The A and B Winter Carols groups: Please do as much planning as humanly possible! We will aim to get a video out from each group by the end of February. Theres still lots of time left, so please don't rush yourselves!

    Vocaloid group: If anyone needs something, please feel welcome to ask me!

    Everyone: In case you have not noticed yet, we now have an official Forum Designer! Thank you everyone for welcomeing starburst-chan so well! She's open to picture editing requests, so if you would like something done, drop by the Designer Corner thread and fill out a form! I would also like to mention that she (like me) will have exams this month so please be patient if you have a request!

    What else...

    New groups coming in March-April! We shall expand our project and put those international languages in use! Look forward to them!

    Alrighty! Thanks everyone!

    Sweet FUNSHINE under the SUNSHINE

    @ iYumeproductions: Here's your hug! --> ( )

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